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Jared Graves

"To get to MY finish line, I have to go all out and do whatever it takes." That common motto is exactly what drove Jared Graves to consider quitting his job. He moved from oil and gas to real estate –and left a $100k salary to gain $1mm in revenue in less than 12 months. W2 to business owner, business owner to coach, and coach to author. Bam!

From thinking about owning rentals in real estate to controlling the deals that happened in real estate, he became his own HGTV star flipping houses, closing transactions, making down payments and buying homes. Now he doesn't even see or visit the homes, he just receives money wires at the bank.

The youngest of five kids, he was a city kid with country roots. Now, Jared is the father of three kids and one black Labrador named Remi. He has a passion for the hustle and self-development.

Cody Purtle

Being laid off from his "stable" high-income oil & gas job was the most transformational event of Cody Purtle’s career as it sparked a desire to call the shots and begin his own business.

In the early days, Cody made plenty of mistakes that cost him deals and landed him in $50,000+ of debt. That is, until he and his business partner discovered what they now call the ‘Texas Size Wholesaling' approach to running a real estate business.

Within six months of putting this to work, their business had closed $500,000 worth of deals and is on track to make $1 million this annum.

They learned from this experience that with the right approach, and guid-ance, anyone can join the ranks of the wealthy real estate hustlers.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from, or what education you have… you can make this happen.”

About The Book: Texas Size Wholesaling

Texas Size Wholesaling teaches readers the A to Z of real estate wholesaling in the great Lone Star State. This mind-blowing book enables you, the hustler, to pull the strings in ANY real estate transaction. From market research, to title coordination, closing sellers and selling buyers, you can do it all. However, there is a system to do it in a Texas Size way, and the secret to that system rolls out from the first page.

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